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cathryn lindsey design

Cathryn's journey to interior design began in the world of luxury fashion, where she honed her meticulous attention to detail. With a degree in Fashion and experience working for several high-end designers in New York City, Cathryn's roles in production demanded that she oversee every aspect of the process - from sourcing the perfect button to managing budgets and organizing freight deliveries.


Her deep understanding of the importance of managing multiple details at once has served her well in the realm of interior design. After moving to Austin and decorating her first two homes, Cathryn developed a keen interest in creating beautiful and functional spaces. This passion intensified after starting her own family, as she realized how crucial it was to design spaces that could accommodate daily family life while also being visually stunning.


Cathryn strives to create homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, with smart solutions built into every room. With her exceptional eye for detail and her commitment to delivering personalized designs, Cathryn Lindsey Design is the go-to choice for anyone seeking an expert touch for their living space.

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