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Woodland Inspired Toddler Room

Today I'm sharing one of the first designs that inspired me to start this little business of mine. This is my sweet Liam's big boy room! After finding out I was pregnant with Evelyn, and not quite emotionally ready to dive into anything baby after the multiple rounds of IVF it took to conceive her, I decided to focus on Liam's new room instead. We would keep his current nursery for the new baby, and move him next door to a fresh new room.

I started this design with the dresser, it was the same dresser he had since his first nursery and I thought it was too beautiful to not keep. But I knew I didn't want the entire room to be the same midcentury acorn wood, which lead me to the black metal frame bed. I thought it was so simple and classic that it would absolutely grow with him through the years.

Although the design didn't really come together until I found this tree voile wallpaper from Chasing Paper. From there it just all fell into place. I wanted to pair the black bed and chandelier with lots of warmth and texture so it didn't feel too industrial and cold. So I added the small leather chair, a furry sheepskin rug, linen bedding, and a large cozy shag rug (with just a hint of black to tie it together). I also kept the brass table and mobile from his nursery, which brings in a different element to the room.

Liam has a large playroom, so I didn't need to add a ton of storage for toys and things. I love this small bookshelf/toy dump from West Elm to keep his bedtime books, and quiet toys for rest time. Since it is indeed a toddler room, I was also focused on safety. So I didn't do anything like curtains for him to pull on, or tall bookshelves to climb. Everything is low and on his level, and he has plenty of room to throw his toys around, do puzzles, read books, etc.

I also wanted to share the design board I first put together when starting this room. One of my favorite parts of design is seeing the edesign board come to life. It always looks so nicely laid out in photoshop, but when it all gets delivered and styled together it's spectacular!

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