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Milo's Room for So Much Life Blog

Ahh! This has been such a long time coming, so excited to finally be sharing! I've been such a fan of Kelsey with So Much Life for a long time. She has seriously been to every restaurant in Austin and always has the best recs. Her website The Austin Things is now regularly visited by my husband and me whenever we're looking for somewhere to eat, something to do with the kids, or when we really want to try something new. Over the summer she posted that she was just unsure of what to do in her boys' rooms, they hadn't been designed since she moved in, and was just really struggling. That's when I did something kind of out of the ordinary for me and sent her a DM. I told her I was starting up my own business, I loved working in kid spaces, and I would love to help her out with the boys' rooms. And since then we've had the best time working together on these spaces!

For Milo's room, Kelsey wanted something earthy, cozy, and comfy. She was drawn to black iron beds, and wanted him to have a special reading space - but other than that the slate was blank! I started by sourcing a super budget-friendly bed from Amazon and then wanted to pair it with a funky graphic black and white rug. But I didn't want to add too much black to the space. So I added more natural wood in the bookshelf, nightstand, and light fixture. Natural wood pairs so nicely with black, and helps warm up the space.

From there I wanted to be sure to include the warm earthy colors that were prevalent in all of Kelsey's inspiration photos. When I found this moss-green canopy, I knew it would be the perfect accent for Milo's reading corner. And would make it so special! I would have died for one of these as a kid, anyone else? I also added some rust/burnt orange to the space in accents like the curtains, banner, and sconces. The hints of burnt orange are also a nod to Kelsey's UT Austin roots. And since Milo is such an Austin baby, adding this photo from the Austin Motel was perfect over the bed accent!


Rug, Art, Curtains, Canopy, Tapestry, Chair, Lion Rug, Bookshelf, Night Stand, Sconces, Banner, Green Throw, Pillow Duvet Cover,

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